Pacifica Beach Coalition, Local Non-Profit

From Website Design to Search Engine Marketing

pacifica beach coalition sml

- Website build and update on a daily basis
- Provide quarterly training for staff and active members
- Lead Email Marketing campaigns
- Manage the Social Media Marketing efforts
- Create and manage Search Engine Marketing campaigns 
- Provide tools to improve annual events organization 



% increase in daily sessions
% increase in pageviews
% in avg. session duration
% increase in organic traffic

Words from the Vice President

Fat Frog Fixes team provided the Pacifica Beach Coalition with a website far beyond our collective imagination. It is at once visually attractive, designed with the visitor in mind, is very easy to navigate, very well written and provides the public with easy-to-understand information. As they developed the website, they communicated that it would be able to be easily updated by the webmaster or any Pacifica Beach Coalition member. The result was a website that could easily be updated and revised by our membership, which was an important need for our group.
Jim Fithian