IT Mumbo Jumbo


Did you know frogs use their eyes to swallow food? This is true engineering!


Custom Hardware. Servers, workstations, and storage.

Custom hardware design and build for any application. Multi-socket business machines, high-performance gamings rigs, and capacious storage servers. We will work with you to design, source and assemble a system that matches any need. Our custom application server service can be combined with custom hardware for the ultimate setup for your needs.

Wired, wireless and remote access networking.

Home and business network design and implementation. Including wireless campus bridges, VPN remote access solutions, router and firewall configurations, and DMZ design.

Custom software installations and builds.

From customized application servers to ground up engineering we have your needs covered. We can help you customize and leverage open source tools for your business. Items like wikis, issue tracking systems, virtualized data centers, source control systems, and much more all have enterprise-grade options available in the open source space. We provide design, setup, and customization of these tools to drive your workplace. And when something comes up we’ll be there to to support it.

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